The objective of the Translation Quality User Group is to harmonize translation quality evaluation (QE). QE is a non-competing function in the translation industry. If we harmonize and standardize QE, we will save time, increase quality, efficiency and clarity, make reporting easier and allow for comparison and benchmarking. 

In the medium and long term, the harmonization of QE will lead to business intelligence that facilitates optimization of translation and localization processes.

The work of this user group is to identify diverging issues in QE between buyers of translation and their supplier and find agreement. Diverging issues range from labels and nomenclature to metrics and scales, from definitions and attributes to data sets and benchmark reports. An example of an agreement is the harmonized MQM-DQF error typology. This harmonization and the work on the resulting metric was funded by the European Commission under the QT21 project. 

The harmonization and standardization will be based on the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework. 



The Translation Quality User Group calls are a platform for buyers and providers of translation services to discuss topics related to quality management and evaluation. In the meetings, participants will share use cases and discuss topics with the aim to share insights and ideas and agree on a best practice or industry standard.

Practical Details

Practical Details

Who can participate?

The minimum required membership level for participation in the Translation Quality User Group is Agency (see page 12 in TAUS 2017 Membership Program). This user group is open to buyers and providers of translation services and technologies.

How often do we meet?

There will be minimum six web meetings per year plus one or two face-to-face workshop meetings hosted by one of the participants in the user group.

What topics do we discuss?

Content types, quality levels, content profiling, quality metrics, industry and domain attributes, edit distance, sampling, business intelligence, productivity, automated metrics, benchmarking.

Who should join?

Participants represent both buyers and providers of translation services and technologies. They work for small, medium and larger companies that outsource or insource translation and localization services. They are managing the department or they work in a quality, vendor or project management role. Or they work in a similar capacity in translation service and technology companies. The common interest is to drive adoption of industry best practices in their organizations. Member companies can have more than one person from their company taking part in the meetings. Participants try to take part in all web meetings and in the face-to-face meetings. Participants are members of TAUS. (See above for membership level).

Code of Conduct

The success of the Translation Quality User Group is determined by the neutrality and non-commercial status of the TAUS organization. A strict policy of non-selling will be maintained in all user group calls and communications.

Please note that in order to participate in the TAUS User Groups, you need to agree to the TAUS Code of Conduct.


For more information on the Translation Quality User Group please contact Dace Dzeguze at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Translation Quality User Group #1

13 March 2017, 5 p.m. CET
Introductory Meeting


Translation Quality User Group #2

8 May 2017, 5 p.m. CET


Translation Quality User Group #3

26 June 2017, 5 p.m. CET
Quality Evaluation Metrics and Methods


Translation Quality User Group #4

28 August 2017, 5 p.m. CET


Translation Quality User Group #5

16 October 2017, 5 p.m. CET


User Group slides are available to TAUS members only. To download the slides, please log in first.



Jaap van der Meer (TAUS) | Chair

Jaap van der Meer

Jaap van der Meer founded TAUS in 2004. He is a language industry pioneer and visionary, who started his first translation company, INK, in The Netherlands in 1980. Jaap is a regular speaker at conferences and author of many articles about technologies, translation and globalization trends.


Nancy Ferreira da Rocha (TNT) | Chair

Nancy Ferreira da Rocha is a senior localization program manager at TNT. She is responsible for creating and rolling out the localization strategy of the TNT digital content department. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Nancy graduated with a degree in translation in 2002. She moved to the Netherlands in 2004, where she has several years of experience in the adaptation of global marketing and advertisement campaigns to local markets.

Dace Dzeguze (TAUS) | Secretary

Dace Dzeguze

Dace Dzeguze is the language service provider (LSP) member services manager at TAUS, a resource center for global language and translation industries. She is responsible for LSP accounts and helps them with implementing the dynamic quality framework model in their workflows. Dace has eight years of experience in the industry, working as a project manager for LSPs in Riga and Amsterdam.



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